Art Lingren inducted into the Steelheader Hall of Fame
  After a 36 1/2_year career in regional government, Art Lingren has been actively involved in the fishing community and has traveled to many places in the province to fly fish for steelhead, trout, char and salmon. He is a member and a past president of the Totem Flyfishers, British Columbia's oldest fly fishing club, an honorary member of the Loons Fly Fishing club, a long_time member and currently president of the British Columbia Federation of Fly Fisher (BCFFF), a Life Member of the Haig_Brown Kingfisher Creek Society, a member of the Harry Hawthorn Foundation and a member of Trout Unlimited. Also, he served many years as a director of the Steelhead Society of B.C.
  In 1995, he was awarded the BCFFF's Angul Award, which is given to British Columbian fly fishers who show an appreciation for the "ancestry of our fly fishing heritage and the excellence surrounding its development as both an Art and a Science."
  In 1999, Art was indoctrinated into the British Columbia Sport Fishing Hall of Fame. Later that same year, the Federation of Flyfishers, an international Montana_based organization, chose Art as the 6th recipient of their prestigious Roderick Haig_Brown Award. The award is presented to an author of a book, books or a combination of articles and books that embody the philosophy and spirit of Roderick Haig_Brown including: a respect for the ethics and traditions of fly fishing and an understanding of rivers, the inhabitants and their environments with an emphasis on things natural, concern for the whole, the philosophical side as opposed to just plain fishing.
  Art has had an ever_lasting love affair with fly fishing and fly tying. Flowing from that affair, he has written seven books on British Columbia fly fishing and fly tying and is a contributor to seven others.
  Fly Patterns of Roderick Haig_Brown was released in 1993 by Frank Amato Publications of Portland Oregon. The prototype for this book was a privately printed 15_copy, full_colour book produced by Lingren to commemorate the 10_year anniversary of Roderick Haig_Brown's death. It and the enhanced Amato publication pay tribute to the master fly fisher, conservationist, and writer, Rod Haig_Brown.
  River Journal: Thompson River was released in 1994 by Frank Amato Publications. After 25 years fishing this great river with its world_class steelhead, Lingren thought for posterity he needed to make a record of this fishery.
  Fly Patterns of British Columbia was released in 1996 by Frank Amato Publications. In this full_colour book Lingren shows the development of the sport of fly fishing in the province through the flies developed for game fish by a host of fly fishers, including those flies by legendary anglers such as Roderick Haig_Brown, General Noel Money, Tommy Brayshaw, Bill Nation and A. Bryan Williams.
  Irresistible Waters: Fly Fishing in B.C. Throughout the Year was released in 1998 by Raincoast Books of Vancouver. This thorough and informative guide to B.C. fly fishing, helps the beginner, new_to_the_province and or experienced fly fishers wanting to test other waters in the province with information on where and when to go, and what to use through the four seasons.
  His fifth book, Steelhead River Journal: Dean by Frank Amato Publications was released in the spring of 2000 and was very well received by the fly_fishing community throughout North America.
  His sixth book Famous British Columbia Fly Fishing Waters was released in September 2002. British Columbia has a rich fly_fishing heritage and this book provides a past and present look at those waters where the sport developed and the fly fishers who played important roles in its development.
  His seventh book, Kispiox River Journal, is currently with his publisher. No other steelhead river in the world holds more allure to those seeking large steelhead. This river journal looks at the development of the sport on that famous river, features the key players and provides a glimpse of what the river is like today.
  Art is working on number eight now, a contemporary fly patterns of British Columbia book, with an April 2004 deadline to have his manuscript to his publisher.
  In the West Coast Fly Fisher, published by Hancock House in 1998, Art Lingren contributed the chapter on "Winter and Summer Steelhead" and joins other well_known B.C. fly fishers writing on rainbow trout, cutthroat and salt and freshwater salmon.
  In the fall of 2000, Hancock House released a general steelhead fishing book The West Coast Steelheader and Lingren wrote the steelhead fly_fishing section.
  Also Lingren has contributed a number of pieces on steelhead fly fishing to Fly Fishing British Columbia, edited by Karl Bruhn and released by Heritage House Publishing in July 1999.
  First published in 1907, Lingren wrote the foreword for the 1997 reprint of Fishing in British Columbia by Thomas Wilson Lambert. With the exception of some Catalina Island tuna fishing, this was the first book entirely devoted to the sport in BC.
  Art wrote the "Introduction" to For the Contemplative Man, published by the University of British Columbia Library in the spring of 2002.
  In addition to the books he has written, Lingren's fly fishing articles have been published in a number of outdoor magazines.
  He was also involved in Canada Posts' Commemorative Fly Fishing Stamp Issue. On April 16, 1998, Canada Post officially released the fly fishing stamp issue consisting of three eastern and three western patterns. It was just after the release of Fly Patterns of British Columbia and after Canada Post saw that book they ordered three to be used as the western source by the competing design teams. Lingren dressed a Tommy Brayshaw pattern, the Coquihalla Orange, and it is the lead stamp in the series and one of the two stamps chosen for the deck of cards, also sold by Canada Post.
  In the spring of 1999 the Knowledge Network aired their six_part Casting Shadows series about British Columbia fly fishing. Over it 2 1/2 year production, Lingren acted as a historical and technical advisor and appeared in three of the series. The series was well received in British Columbia and has been translated into a number of languages for showing in other parts of the world.
  In the Summer 2002 issue, Outdoor Canada, profiled Art in their journal's character section. Revised June 30, 2003
  Currently Art Lingrten is 60 years old, lives in Vancouver, is married (37 years) and has one son Charles who is 26. Art caught his first steelhead in 1966 on the Caycuse River and has fished all regions in the province that have steelhead with occasional forays into Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California and has hooked and /or landed steelhead from about 50 rivers. Art’s favourite steelhead fishing is for summer-run steelhead using a floating line while he tempts fish to rise to his flies.

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