Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 15, Abbotsford, B.C.                                                                                           18 March 2013


      Vimy Ridge Candlelight Parade and Vigil will take place at Abbotsford Cenotaph, Thunderbird Square, Veterans Way, on Tuesday 9 April at 6:30 pm.  Vets and Legion members are asked to parade.  The general public is invited to take part.  This is a Civic event sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion.
     The annual parade involves veterans, soldiers, cadets, police, firefighters and Sherriff Branch members.  This tribute to the importance of honouring Vimy Ridge from World War One will include a candlelight vigil.  Candles will be placed in memory of those who served in Vimy Ridge, remembering those who died.
    The band of the Air cadet 861 Silverfox Squadron will provide music.  The public will be involved in sharing parts of the service.  Young families and new Canadians are especially encouraged to attend.
     The Battle of Vimy Ridge commenced of 9 April 1917, Easter day of that year.  It was the first battle that was carried out by all Canadian units uder Candian command. Led by Arthur Currie, who later became Canada's first full General, innovative planning and tactics gave our troops the victory.  There were 10,500 casaulties to Canadians in the four days of fighting, 1300 died at Vimy. 
      Canada's preparation and carrying out of the plan was important.  Previous endeavors in 1916 to take the ridge had failed with great loss to British and Commonwealth troops.  In 1917 the German defence line broke under Canada's assault with large casaulties inflicted upon that nation's troops.
       Modern Canadian identity credits the contribution of Canadians in the War of 1914-1918 as a pivotal point in our sovereignty.  Vimy Ridge is identified as the turning point that allowed Canada to have independence from British status.  The nation was recognized in its own right and given a voice in international affairs.  This freedom to be unique is a part of who Canadians are today nationally and in the world.
      Though no veterans are still alive from the days of Vimy Ridge, their contribution is held in highest esteem.  Canadians owe a great respect for those who have gone before, defending the freedom and democracy enjoyed by all today.

For further information:
Art Turnbull, Legion Chaplain and Event Coordinator